The Donut Lady

The 12 Things I Learned From The Donut Lady (aka My Mom)

The 12 Things I Learned From My Mom 1. Just about everybody loves donuts. Our family and friends know about the Donut Lady. My mom was known as “the donut lady”  because she loved blessing others with her homemade donuts. 2. Life’s circumstances change. Nothing stays the same but you can choose to be happy […]


How to Discover Your Child’s Learning Style

How do you discover your child’s learning style? Knowing and teaching to your child’s learning style will open up their whole world. Your job, as a homeschool parent, is to help your child develop a love of learning. It is not to teach them everything they will ever need to know before they graduation. In […]

Family Vacation Time

How to Plan a Family Staycation

Planning a Family Staycation Thanks to the price of gas, the cost of food, and the economy in general, more and more families are choosing to stay near home for their vacations. Internet bloggers have coined a new word to describe this trend – “Staycation”! Staycations seem to be the latest trend in family-oriented “time […]

Are You Talking To Me?

Teaching Our Children To Make Eye Contact With Others

Why Your Children Need To Make Eye Contact When Talking To Others “I have realized how little eye contact we make with others as we rush through our day and how hard it actually is to be fully present in the moment…” – Coach Sabine Brandt from Making eye contact is an important element […]