Homeschooling parents have a genuine desire to teach their children the best way they possibly can. We need to realize that there is a huge learning curve for both the student and the parent so mistakes are going to be made.

Let’s talk about the top five homeschooling mistakes and how to avoid them.

  • Disorganization
  • Ignoring Ideas and Opinions of Your Student
  • Over Scheduling or Under Scheduling Your School Day
  • Setting Unrealistic Homeschool Expectations
  • Inconsistency

Disorganization is a biggie. Not being organized involves clutter. I’m not just talking about a disorganized home, but also a cluttered mind. As homeschool moms we can be running in five different directions at once, and that is not always a good thing. We have to set priorities.

A homeschooling mom has several full time jobs to manage. Beyond providing a good home education for your children, you are most importantly a full time wife. But you are also a full time homemaker from meal planning and preparation, laundry, event planner, counselor, etc.

Remember, you are also your child’s role model. (Thinking about that should knock your socks off). Being a good role model involves your attitude, your behavior and your organizational habits. It can be very frustrating for everyone involved when you must have a major manhunt first thing in the morning because a textbook or a writing pen cannot be found. What a way to start out the day!

Organization is one of the keys to a calm and fruitful school day. So what are your ideas for keeping school items organized? What does or doesn’t work for your family?