Nikola Tesla So who was Nikola Tesla and why have you never heard of him?

Nikola Tesla was born July 10, 1856, in the region we now know as Croatia.
The life of Tesla, his inventions and patents would be a great science study for your children to investigate. He was a famous scientist who later became rather obscure.

He was a brilliant electrical inventor and a visionary thinker who was far ahead of his time. He moved to the United States and worked with and for Thomas Edison and John Westinghouse. Tesla’s great dream was to find the means to broadcast electrical power without wires in between…can you say “wifi.”

Hundreds and Hundreds of Inventions

Many of his inventions are now part of our everyday lives:The Brilliant Nikola Tesla

  • The Tesla coil used to create high frequency electricity
  • Neon and florescent lighting
  • Radio transmission
  • Remote control

…and hundreds of other inventions.

The Eccentric Mr. Tesla

He was known as a true eccentric to the point of being ridiculed by some of his contemporaries, but was so far ahead of  his time that many of his ideas are only now being recognized. When he died, most of Tesla’s technical papers mysteriously disappeared, and many have never been found.

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