Every single person has some gaps in his education, and that’s all right. If you’re honest with yourself, you have to admit that you have learning gaps too. We all do. The purpose of a quality education is not to teach your student everything they will ever need to know by the time they graduate. Life is a continual learning process. Your true purpose is to guide them to have a love of learning and help them develop good study skills. Then they will be able to learn and accomplish whatever tasks are set before them.

So many homeschool parents are upset if they are not able to get their children to complete every single text book assignment in the curriculum teacher’s guide. Most guides give you, the teacher, a wide variety of assignments to choose from. That does not mean that the curriculum developers expect your children to complete every possible assignment.

Quality is much more important than quantity. Give your children the freedom to be creative, give them time to be inventive and let them see a project through to completion. When you plan too many assignments and projects, and not give children and young people the needed time to finish and enjoy them, you are setting your students up for what John Taylor Gatto calls “the tyranny of the bell.”

Do you remember when you were in school and the bell rang to signal that you had to move on to the next class? That “bell” was so frustrating. You were either involved in a class discussion or doing an assignment that intrigued you or you were struggling with a new concept or dealing with a difficult assignment, and then “that bell” would ring. You were on the verge of figuring it out or it was almost your turn to ask the teacher your question, but instead you had to move on to the next class. Grrr!

Give your kiddos the freedom to delve into deeper issues, explore different outcomes and develop their joy of learning. What could be better than that? That’s what true education is all about.