Home School Memories

This “veteran” homeschool mom spent the day going through curriculum boxes and rediscovering  lots of long forgotten Living Books. It was so much fun remembering all the memories and treasured   moments of our family’s homeschool adventure. As the memories came flooding back, they brought   tears to my eyes.

We have an area wide homeschool used curriculum sale tomorrow so I decided it was time to go through the boxes and find some things that I’m ready to part with. When I finished sorting books into boxes, I called my sons, now 21 and 26 years old, and asked them if they would like to go through the boxes before I took them to the sale tomorrow.

As they were going through the boxes, my husband and I sat back and listened to all the chatter about all our homeschooling adventures. “Oh, Mom, you’re not going to get rid of this are you? We’ve got to keep this one. Hey, do you remember when we…” Ah, sweet memories! It was so much fun.