Why are kids fascinated by bugs? They love ’em. Boys like to let the critters crawl up and down their arms and are delighted when it makes the girls scream. Hehe! Boys are funny like that. Many girls are intrigued by the little buggers, too. They just don’t want to admit it.

But both boys and girls like to investigate and study about bugs. Let them take pictures of the bugs they find. Print out the pictures and teach the kiddos how to start their own Bug Investigator Notebook. They can glue the photos in their own notebook, look the insect up on the Internet, in an encyclopedia or check out several books about insects from the local library. Then they can write about it in their notebook.

What If They Don’t Like To Write?

That’s okay. Their joy of writing will develop with time. For the “I don’t wanna writers,” have them put the picture in their notebook and write a short phrase. Anything will do for right now. They can just write the name of the insect or write “beetle found on the back porch” or let them draw their own picture and label it bug or beetle or butterfly, etc.

At this stage you are encouraging them to start collections of things they are interested in and by letting them take pictures and paste them in a notebook, you are starting to teach the skill of documenting their investigations.

Susan over at 5MinutesForMom.com has a free children’s book that you can read online  or print out called “The Pest Detectives.” Go here to get your copy. I think your kids will really enjoy it.