My husband and I, our two sons (24 and 29) and my 5 year old grandson
had so much fun last night. We went to see the movie, “Singing In the Rain,”
at our local theater and we had a blast!

Turner Classic Movies celebrated the 60th birthday of “Singing In The Rain” by
showing this classic musical in 500 movie theaters across the USA last night.

As my sons were growing up, music was a very important ingredient in our
family life. We sang, we encouraged them to take music lessons, we danced around the kitchen,we participated in the local community theater and we watched musical movie classics…Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, The Music Man, My Fair Lady, Mary Poppins, The Wizard of Oz and Singing In The Rain.

So last night was “going down memory lane” for us, and it was great fun listening to the chuckles and laughter from others in the audience. Youngsters, teenagers, young adults up to grandpas and grandmas like my husband and me,thoroughly enjoyed themselves; some were seeing it for the first time and some enjoyed reliving the memories.

I got to sit by my 5 year old grandson as he chuckled and laughed his way through the movie. What a special treat!

Making family memories and having family traditions are important.They don’t have
to be expensive, lavish events. It’s just spending time together doing something
you all enjoy. We did that last night and I’m so glad we did.