Christine Magtoto of KidPrentice believes kids can do great things. She explains how to encourage our children who are into art or photography.

Believe it or not, there are many kid artists and photographers around the world. Just check online auction shops and you will realize that there are artworks sold which are created by children. In fact, a family in Asia sells bags made from recycled paper – their daughter creates the funky designs for their bags. With the help of the Internet, you can encourage your kids to be more proactive when it comes to promoting their craft.

Even at a young age, you will see if your son or daughter is showing interest in art. If you see signs in budding kid artists in your children, hone their skills and interests by providing materials such as coloring books, paints, clays and many other tools that would encourage them to make artworks.

Take them to museums and exhibits to learn about different mediums available to artists, and to find out about their apprenticeship programs. Talk to other artists and photographers and ask them to apprentice your child. Learning from a mentor facilitates your child’s or teen’s abilities.

Lastly, open the minds of your children to potential careers as artists and photographers. It is not enough to let them hone their skills and talents; you also need to help them realize that they can make inspiring careers out of their talents.

Selling paintings, sculptures and photos in galleries or on the Internet is not the only thing artists can do. They can also be commercial graphic artists who are responsible for creating pieces of art in magazines, books, newspapers, leaflets, posters and other promotional materials. Being an illustrator or cartoonist for big animation firms can also be interesting.

Develop your kid artists with apprenticeship programs at museums, enroll them in art classes, take photos, make scrapbooks and use art techniques to help inspire their creative juices.

There are a number of summer classes and classes that specifically teach children and teens the art techniques and styles they can employ. Although your kids can draw or paint naturally, they make still need to learn techniques that can help improve the combinations of dimension, texture and color. Most importantly, have fun as you learn and grow with your child.