Michael Gerber, in his book The E Myth Revisited, talks about the average picture of an entrepreneur. 

Typically, we think of an entrepreneur as:

  • A man or woman who stands alone
  • They are windblown against the elements
  • They courageously face overwhelming odds
  • They climb steep sides of dangerous rock

Why does someone do this? So they can capture their dream of growing a business of their own.

Are there really people like this? Yes, but they are rare.

Gerber says of the thousands of business people that he has known and worked with, very few were real entrepreneurs.

What really happened to these people and their vision?

  • Climbing the dangerous rocks became something to cling to instead of conquer.
  • They were exhausted from dealing with their business instead of exhilarated by it.
  • They were no longer driven by their dream.

For these people, the entrepreneur mindset only briefly existed, and then it was gone.

We have a misunderstanding about entrepreneurs, and that misunderstanding is what Gerber calls “the e-myth.”

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