The Principle Approach Learning Style

There are several different approaches for teaching your children to be productive, educated learners. One unique approach is the Principle Approach learning style.

The Principle Approach learning style is a way of living, not just a way of educating children. The approach is applied to any subject by using the 4 Rs: Researching God’s Word, Reasoning from the researched Biblical truths/principles, Relating the truths/principles to the subject and the student’s character and Recording the application of the Biblical truths/principles in the student’s individual notebooks.

The Principle Approach learning style is based on the seven Biblical principles upon which our country was founded and by which many of the founding fathers were educated: 1. Individuality; 2. Self-Government; 3. Christian Character; 4. Conscience; 5. the Christian Form of Government; 6. The Seed of Local Government; 7. the American Political Union.

The main emphasis of the Principle Approach applies to…

• The recognition of God’s hand in history
• The understanding that God has ordained the home, the church and civil government as three governmental institutions
• Each Christian is responsible for extending God’s government
• The student assumes responsibility for learning and applying knowledge to his own life.

Some things to consider before choosing the Principle Approach:

1. Do you have a deep concern to apply Christian principles to your family and nation?
2. Will your child assume responsibility for a great deal of learning on his own?
3. Does your child like to express himself through writing?
4. Are you willing to do extensive Biblical research and teaching preparation?

What are the strengths of the principle approach?

• Students learn to think governmentally.
• Students become self-learners
• Students learn to apply biblical principles to other areas of their lives
• Students create their own textbooks.

What are the weaknesses of the living books approach?

• Focuses mainly on American history
• Requires a great deal of teacher preparation
• Very little prepared curriculum is available.

You’ll discover that every teaching approach has its strengths and weaknesses. The key is discovering which approach fits best with your family’s lifestyle and will help you and your family to stay focused and consistent.

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