Strengths and Weaknesses of the Textbook Approach…

There are several different approaches for teaching your children to be productive, educated learners. Let’s take a look at the traditional Textbook Approach.

This traditional approach uses graded textbooks or workbooks that follow a scope and sequence. Each subject is covered in 180 daily increments per school year for a span of 12 years. Teacher’s manuals, tests and record keeping materials are usually available.
If you are homeschooling several children, typically you would purchase a grade level textbook curriculum for each child on each subject.

This method can also include video programs of actual classrooms using accompanying textbooks and supplies. Additionally, there are satellite schools, as well as universities, that offer lessons/courses on CD or on the Internet.

Some questions to ask before you choose the traditional
textbook approach:

1. If your child has been in a traditional school setting, did they perform well in a traditional classroom?
2. Does your child like to have defined goals and can they complete assignments on their own without much supervision?
3. Is your child academically oriented?
4. Will you follow through with the lesson plans and pace your course of instruction?

What are the strengths of the textbook approach?

– Everything is laid out for ease of use.
– It has definite levels of accomplishment.
– Testing and assigning grades is easy to do.

What are the weaknesses of the textbook approach?

– The textbook/workbook approach doesn’t take into consideration your children’s individual learning style or their interests.
– This approach assumes there is a set amount of information that constitutes an education and this info can be broken down into daily lessons.
– This approach can be expensive when teaching multiple children of different ages.
– It doesn’t encourage original, independent thinking as much as non-traditional approaches.

You’ll discover that every teaching approach has its strengths and weaknesses. The key is discovering which approach fits best with your family’s lifestyle and will help you and your family to stay focused and consistent.
There are a number of excellent textbook/workbook programs available.

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