April 15, 2009, gave all homeschoolers a great opportunity to be involved in our great American Republic.

Tax Day Tea Parties were organized and held in large and small communities all over America.

My little community had a great gathering at the town square of more than 400 people. We heard community leaders, government officials, retired military and everyday citizens voice their opinions in a public open forum.

Many people carried signs that focused on the issues of government spending, out of control taxes and federal interference in the lives of American citizens.

Many speakers encouraged those who gathered to

  • become educated voters
  • take the time to look at your elected officials’ voting records

Why was the Tax Day Tea Party such an important event for Homeschool Families?

  • Our children need to know that our country is a Constitutional Republic and not a democracy.
  • Our children need to know that since our country is a Republic, our elected officials are to represent us and our beliefs and values.

  “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)