I was on a great discussion forum today where we’re talking about how do we make sure that our kids get a good quality education. You can learn more about this group of people at Educating for Success.

Paula Farris from Dementia Caregiving 101 asked some very thought provoking questions. How would you respond?

  • Was your own education relevant to how you live your life today? If not, have you managed to learn what you need to know or do you need to find ways to learn that information or those skills?


  • Are your children being educated in a way that actually causes them to learn and to retain the information, skills and knowledge they need now and will need in the future? What can you do to facilitate this kind of education for them?


  • Are you and your children keeping up with Information Age technology? It isn’t possible to know everything and how it ALL works because it evolves so quickly, but knowing some of it very well, some of it passably well and at least being familiar with all of it is a necessity in today’s global techology world.

Let me know what you think about this.