Learning About Blogging

At Blissdom





Why am I telling you about the Blissdom Blogging Convention?

Blissdom is a conference about blogging and I want to make the Educating Today blog the very best it can be. I want this blog to provide you with relevant and useful information about raising your kids to be productive leaders.  I love to learn new ways of doing things and I believe the workshops at Blissdom will help me in my blogging adventure and blogging is one of those entrepreneur skills that you and your children will want to learn how to do, too. So I will be sharing all about what I’m doing and learning.

Secondly, there is a large group of other homeschool bloggers attending Blissdom.  I love getting to know other homeschoolers and I want to get to know those ladies & share their sites with you.

To read about the homeschool bloggers at Blissdom, read the Twitter feed for #hsbliss.  The general twitter feed is #blissdom.  I’ll be sharing what I learn and who I meet this weekend.